Bird City Texas

Creating and preserving bird-friendly public spaces.

Eastern Bluebirds Photo: Danny Brown / Audubon Photography Awards

In 2018, Audubon Texas partnered with Texas Parks and Wildlife to launch Bird City Texas! This community-focused certification program has been created to help people protect birds and their habitats where we live, work, and recreate. Science-based bird conservation initiatives and community-centric action are the heart of this statewide initiative. 

Research shows that bird-friendly habitat increases property values,helps control insects, and generates tourism dollars. Where birds thrive, people prosper. From urban centers to rural towns, each community can provide important habitat for birds, and certified communities will receive recognition and community benefits of these efforts.

Science-based bird conservation initiatives and community-centric action will: 

  • Enhance and restore habitats 
  • Increase native plant coverage in Texas for the benefit of birds and people 
  • Reduce population-level threats 
  • Increase public awareness of the benefits and challenges of bird conservation 
  • Promote environmental stewardship in Texas cities 

We now have 10 cities that have worked diligently to achieve Bird City Texas status. We encourage you to discover more about these bird cities below.

"Our community works very hard to create safe places for birds, to educate our residents and visitors on ways to help birds, and to provide trails and amenities for bird and wildlife viewing." Rae Mooney, Nature Preserve Manager City of Port Aransas 

If you are interested in learning more about the criteria and application, please visit our partner's website. 

View the press release announcing the new 2023 Bird City Texas Community here

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