Lights Out, Texas!

Turn off non-essential lights at night from 11 pm - 6 am during critical migration periods.

Photo: Say's Phoebe - Photo: Gary Zahm / Audubon Photography Awards

Spring Migration 2023 Dates

Spring Migration: March 1 - June 15, 2023

Peak Migration: April 22 - May 12, 2023

Lights Out Texas - Project Overview

Lights Out Texas is a campaign of education, awareness, and action that focuses on turning out lights at night during the spring and fall migrations to help protect the billions of migratory birds that fly over Texas annually. We encourage everyone to turn off non-essential lights at night from 11 pm - 6 am during the fall migration period, and where conflicts apply, prioritize lights out during the critical peak migration periods. 

Audubon Texas leads Lights Out Texas efforts across the state in collaboration with Cornell Lab of Ornithology, our state chapters, and all of the organizations listed below. Texas A&M University (Biodiversity Research and Teaching Collections) and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department  (Texas Nature Trackers)  provide centralized  leadership for volunteer research efforts. 

Lights Out Texas Goals

Fall Migration 2022 - Downloadable Resources


Fly on by our full suite of guides and resources, or use the resources below to spread the word and learn more about Lights Out Texas. 

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BirdCast Migration Tools

When, where, and how far will birds migrate? How many birds passed through your county last night? BirdCast tools help explore the answers to these and many other questions about bird migration by employing real-time analysis of bird migration traffic as detected by radar. Follow their journey each migration season with migration forecasts, live bird migration maps, and a migration dashboard that includes likely migrants to your area.

Keep an eye out for Lights Out alerts denoting periods of increased migration traffic through your area, and subscribe to alerts to get them delivered straight to your inbox.

BirdCast Migration Dashboard

Want to Go Lights Out!

Learn more about how to make your home or business dark sky friendly.


McDonald Observatory’s Dark Sky Resources
Recommended Lighting Practices (for energy companies, but practices are applicable across all industries)
International Dark Sky Association Lighting Resources 

Texas Chapter - International Dark Sky Association


To learn more about media impressions, volunteer efforts, and participating businesses and cities read the following seasonal Lights Out Texas migration reports by our partner, Texan by Nature:


In 2017, a major bird collision event that killed nearly 400 birds in a single night in Galveston, TX spurred Houston Audubon and Galveston's American National Insurance Company to start a Lights Out for Birds program, utilizing BirdCast migration forecasts maps. In 2019, BirdCast research finding that Houston and Dallas ranked number two and three respectively among US cities considered the most hazardous for migratory birds in terms of light pollution galvanized the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and BirdCast to initiate a broader effort light pollution reduction effort in Texas.

The Lights Out Texas program was originally launched in spring of 2020 by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and BirdCast, in partnership with local Texas partners Houston Audubon, the Dallas Zoo, and the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. Beginning in fall of 2020, Texan by Nature collaborated with these organizations and supporting organizations to coordinate the expansion of Lights Out Texas at the statewide level, and to standardize messaging, communication, and volunteer efforts across all Texas organizations. Since fall of 2022, Audubon Texas has assumed the role of statewide coordination, in collaboration with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and BirdCast.

Lights Out Texas Founding and Coordinating Organizations



Lights Out Texas Supporting Organizations


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