Women in Conservation

Audubon’s Conservation Leaders Program for Young Women

Career-focused conservation science and service for high school students.

A part of the Texas Women in Conservation Program, Audubon’s Conservation Leaders Program for Young Women (ACL) is an exciting partnership between schools in the Young Women’s Preparatory Network and Audubon State staff, Texas Centers, and local Audubon Chapters.

Audubon’s work, both nationally and in Texas, is known to be focused on protecting birds, and the places they need to survive. In order to meet these goals, we approach our work from five angles; Climate Change, Water, Coasts, Working Lands, and Bird-friendly Communities. In the 2020-2021 school year, and each year of ACL going forward, we will tackle the science, conservation, and the broad career options within these strategies.

Traditionally, students meet with leading female scientists, explore Texas’s diverse ecosystems, and learn about career paths within the student’s hometowns. Due to COVID-19, and necessary safety protocols, the 2020-2021 program transitioned to virtual for the full year, offering multiple Zoom sessions to dig into the science and actions needed to tackle Climate Change. Many of the traditional program points transitioned as well, including the career panel. The summer capstone experience will take place in a day camp format rather than the camping trip. We anticipate a return to in-person programming and field trips during school year 2021-22, health and safety regulations permitting, but plan to maintain virtual programming as a supplement between in-person experiences.  

Both in-person and virtual programs will help students develop leadership and communication expertise that will help them to become leaders in their academic and personal careers once they complete the program.

Audubon is offering the program in DallasSan AntonioHouston, and new this year, Austin is joining the network of participants! Program costs and materials are 100% subsidized by Audubon's generous donors and grants. In return, participants are expected to come prepared to each virtual session and bring a positive, enthusiastic attitude to each experience, especially the intensive camp portion. 


Quotes & Photos from Audubon's Conservation Leaders Program for Young Women Past Years

"The Audubon's conservation leadership program is a very engaging and hands on. I enjoy the many field trips. One of my favorites is when we went to the wetland center and tested the water." - 2018 Dallas participant
2017 Group hike.
"The program has helped me realize that protecting the natural world is important because of all the beautiful wildlife. We, as humans, should respect other species and their environments." Brenda C., 2019 participant
“I really loved doing the conservation work at the sanctuary. I hope to pursue conservation as a career so it was nice to literally be hands on and actually see our work and its direct impact.” - 2017 participant
San Antonio 2019-2020 participants learning about the benefits of wildlife rescue and rehabilitation in Feb. 2020
“Seeing those plaques with the names of female college researchers showed me that you’re never too young to make a lasting impact on the environment and scientific research.” -2016 participant
Women scientists from 9 different backgrounds participated in our 2019-2020 Career Panel in Houston

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Audubon’s Conservation Leaders Program for Young Women is a part of a greater effort to raise the stature of women’s roles in conservation, support girls and younger women in environmental sciences, and engage women in important conservation issues in Texas. And it can’t be done without your support

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