Photo: Eastern Bluebird - Charles Rose IV / Audubon Photography Awards


A Gift for Audubon is a Gift for Us All

By Ashley Kjos, Senior Development Director Audubon Texas

We could just as easily say that #PeopleTellUs. As a development professional, I spend my days communicating with smart, concerned, and generous people about the work we are doing to protect birds and the places they (and we!) need. Our members and donors care about the future of our natural resources, across the nation and in their own backyards. They tell us that our work matters.

“If we truly want to mitigate the threats to our environment, we cannot afford to exclude anyone from the table. Audubon cuts through the divisiveness we see all around us and brings people together to make an impact.”

- Audubon Texas volunteer 

“What I love is your unending passion for saving our precious birds and, while doing that, preserving as much of our environment as possible for us all to enjoy and cherish.” ­

- Audubon Texas donor

If this sounds like something you would say, we invite you to join us in this critical work here in Texas with an end of year donation. As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, your gift is 100% tax-deductible. Audubon memberships make great gifts to friends and family as well!

“Audubon has created amazing bonds and connections to help pave the way for our future conservation careers and lifestyle decisions…you have taught us not just about birds and the environment, but about leadership and life. We will always face setbacks and challenges but we don’t have to live with them. We can stand up and make a difference.”

- Audubon Texas program participant

#BirdsTellUs the time to act is now. #PeopleTellUs – with words and wallets – that we can, and we should. Visit us online, or reach out to Ashley Kjos at for more ways to give. We appreciate your continued support, and wish you and your loved ones a safe and happy holiday season.

Thank you!

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