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Donor Spotlight

A trip to Green Island in South Texas in the early 2000’s inspired Jan Roberts to begin supporting Audubon Texas’s coastal program.

Jan Roberts, Travis Audubon Society and Audubon Texas member, Austin, Texas

A small-town girl from the Texas Hill Country, Jan Roberts grew up to become an adventurous world traveler, visiting 151 countries and circling the globe numerous times. But the rugged beauty of Texas remains her first love.

A trip to Green Island in South Texas in the early 2000’s inspired Jan to begin supporting Audubon Texas’s coastal program – where our centennial of conservation work in Texas began 100 years ago. Jan fell in love with this globally Important Bird Area that is home to 20% of the world’s Reddish Egret population. This trip inspired her to include Audubon in her estate plans to ensure this place, and others like it, could be protected for future generations.

Jan’s passion for nature is helping conserve the Texas landscape in two ways. By naming Audubon in her will, Jan has earmarked a percentage of her residual estate to benefit Audubon’s programs in the state of Texas. Jan also established a series of charitable gift annuities to provide her with lifetime income. Upon her death, the remainder of the annuities will pass to Audubon.

In addition to these future gifts, Jan is one of our most generous current supporters of Audubon Texas’s Coastal Program. According to Jan, “My gifts are a way of giving to the future, so I know the places I treasure will endure. It’s a great feeling to know that the descendants of my favorite birds will continue to thrive because of my support.”

For more information on supporting Audubon Texas or its programs with a gift from your retirement plan, will or trust, contact Shari Kolding

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