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Christmas Bird Count To-Do List

Audubon's 124th Christmas Bird Count will be held from Dec 14, 2023 to January 5, 2024! The Christmas Bird Count occurs December 14 to January 5 every season. The practice dates back to Christmas Day 1900, as a way to promote conservation by counting rather than hunting birds. Some counts have been running every year since then, and the CBC now happens in more than 20 countries in the Western hemisphere! This provides an early-winter census of birds over a 24-hour window within a 15-mile radius to inform species populations trends. The original 27 Christmas Bird Counters tallied around 90 species on all the counts combined.   

Click here for a map view of the circles expected to be included in the 124th CBC. Learn more about how you can get involved in your local area. (cut to website) 

Interested in joining a Christmas Bird Count in your area? Here are steps you can take to register: 

Step 1 
Read these details to become familiar with Audubon's Christmas Bird Count. 

Step 2 
Check out the map to find a count near you. Green and yellow circles are open for new participants, and red circles are full.  

Step 3 
To arrange participation contact compilers by email in advance of count day by using the information from the circle pop-ups on the map.  

Step 4 
Sign up for American Birds so you can hear about the results of the Christmas Bird Count and other Audubon community science programs! 

Step 5 
Already signed up for a count? Then head over to our CBC Live tracker to see photos posted from others who are scouting for or participating in the Christmas Bird Count, and upload your own photos! 

Sign up to receive information and results about all of Audubon's community science programs through American Birds. 

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