Coastal Conservation

Share the Shore

It's more than just a slogan.
American Oystercatcher Photo: Muhammad Faizan / Audubon Photography Awards
Coastal Conservation

Share the Shore

It's more than just a slogan.

'Share the Love, #ShareTheShore' is Audubon's effort to protect nesting shorebirds like Brown Pelicans and American Oystercatchers, and their teeny, tiny chicks. 

It's our way of uniting our voices as scientists, bird-lovers, and beachgoers who are dedicated to reducing the threats posed to vulnerable species. 

Birds like Brown Pelicans, American Oystercatchers, and Roseate Spoonbills can be found along the Texas coasts throughout the summer nesting season. Whether you love the beach for sunbathing, walking your dog, fishing, kayaking or boating, please remember to share the love with our coastal birds by sharing the shore. 

Here are tips for making Texas Gulf Coast beaches safer for birds: 

  • Give nesting birds at least 100 feet of distance if the space allows. 
  • Respect posted signs and fences and stay outside of areas marked as breeding grounds for birds.
  • If pets are permitted on beaches, keep them leashed and away from birds. 
  • Remove trash, including plastics and food scraps. Plastics can be ingested by birds, and food scraps can attract predators that might eat birds’ eggs and/or chicks.  
  • Do not drive on beach dunes or other nesting areas. 

Across Texas, Audubon and partners manage a portfolio of bird nesting islands and protect them from predators and disturbance, like dogs or humans getting too close. Due to compounding threats like sea-level rise and habitat loss, coastal birds are facing a crisis—seabirds around the world have decreased by 70 percent since 1950, and shorebirds in North America alone have seen an even steeper decline since 1973.   

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