Native Habitats & Ecosystems

Though Texas is one of the most bio-diverse states in the country, population growth and increasing development put ecosystems at risk.

‚ÄčUrbanization threatens our ecosystem by fragmenting and decreasing habitat. Conventional landscaping provide poor habitat for birds because they lack native plants, water sources, and connectivity to natural spaces. 

Discover ways to create native habitats & ecosystems in your community:

  • Read more at Audubon’s Native Plants for Birds
  • Learn more about how invasive species place extra pressure on native ecosystems. 
  • Recreate beautiful Texas in your garden! Find nurseries in your area that sell native plants.
  • Use the YardMap tool to plan your bird friendly landscape and contribute to bird research.
  • Once you turn backyard into a wildlife habitat for native birds, pollinators, reptiles, and small mammals, find out how to get it certified. Your backyard habitat could be the Best of Texas!
  • Work nature into your garden for health and sustainability. Learn more at Landscape for Life.
  • Take a one-day class with the Native Plant Society of Texas to receive Native Landscape Certification.

Explore native Texas near your home with the From Tumbleweeds to Towering Trees: Texas Ecoregions map journal:

How you can help, right now