Clean Air & Energy

Our state ranks among the highest per capita energy usage in the nation, and this takes a toll on Texas air quality. Energy conservation can save you money and improve our air.
Solar Art in Australia Photo: Michael Coghlan

‚ÄčSuburban sprawl and long commutes have made Texas second nationally in gasoline consumption. Many of our urban areas struggle with poor air quality. Dallas, Fort Worth-Arlington, Houston, and San Antonio consistently exceed ozone air quality standards. Texas has great potential for generating renewable energy from sources like solar and wind. Audubon supports responsibly sited wind energy – learn more here.  

Learn more about the energy conservation and air quality issues in your community:

  • Is your area under an Air Quality Alert? Find out here.
  • You can keep our air clean with your daily transportation habits. Find out more.
  • Is it time to renew your energy contract? Consider picking a plan that offers renewable energy. Once you have your list of plans, you can select a percent renewable energy from the menu on the left of the screen.
  • Looking for tips to conserve energy and save money? Start with your typical monthly energy usage and use this calculator to see where you can save.
  • Sign up for a Texas Smart Meter account to track your household (or business) energy use and find ways to save.

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